First Big Snow blankets Region

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

We’ve been spoiled this month with balmy days and double-digit temperatures.     Well that all changed on Sunday.     A “Colorado Low” is blasting us with snow, blowing snow and freezing temperatures.     As Mike Postovit reports, the region is still digging out from the first major storm of the season.


Digging-out — whatever the method.     This certainly was the order of the day.     Sure we knew it was coming — however that didn’t make it any easier.


“Saturday — beautiful day — no wind, sunny — could be late summer.     And then I wake-up yesterday morning — and look at it — it’s just unbelievable isn’t it.     It’s windy, it’s blowing in drifts up to about two feet.     Everybody says it’s Canada — what do you expect, snow. ”

And plenty of it.     The first big blast of winter actually began Sunday — intensified overnight — leaving plenty of the white stuff for Monday morning commuters to deal with — slow going for both pedestrians and motorists.

Troy Stubinski/Public Works Manager

“We will continue around the clock until things are to a state where it’s all cleaned-up both on road and side walks.

Plow trucks will focus on major streets and bus routes first along with clearing transit shelters and some sidewalks — then shift to residential neighbourhoods all while trying to cope with blowing snow.


“The wind can be a challenge — we know areas where the drifting and blowing snow in essence is blowing right behind our snow plows so we have to pay close attention to those — keep on top of them or they’ll just blow in right us and make those roadways very slippery for motorists.”

The storm also led to the first snow day — as school buses in our region were cancelled.     After a very mild fall — it seems winter is starting to settle in.

Bill Hall/CKWS Weather Specialist

“In fact, there’s another Colorado low heading our way — another one brewing and with-in the next four to six days we’ll start to see the impact of that as well.     As long as you get that nice push out of the south mixing with that and cold air dropping in out of the prairies — you’re going to see more it.”

Which means get used to doing more of this.     Mike Postovit, CKWS News, Kingston

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