City snow cleanup continues

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV
City snow cleanup continues

Kingstonians are still digging out from the first significant snowfall of the season

City snow plows have been on the roads for nearly 48 hours straight — and today was all about cleanup… clearing what’s left over.

Troy Stubinski, Manager Public Works:
“Today it’ll be follow up. Work on cleaning up, pushing back, dealing with turning lanes, that type of work.
And then work with all resources in our sidewalk plow operations.”

Kingston is one of the few communities in Ontario to clear all public sidewalks.
15 plows clear more than 600 kilometers of sidewalk… meaning that for pedestrians it may take a little longer to clear a path so proper footwear is a must.

Streeter 1:
“My biggest concern is how it’s going to affect my nice shoes because they put salt all over it and I think salt is bad for good shoes.”

Streeter 2:
“There a bit slick. Right downtown is not too bad because there’s lots of traffic but in the residential neighbourhoods I find it very slippy on the sidewalks.”

Streeter 3:
“I’m use to biking to school so I had to put my bike to rest . I don’t have a car so I can’t tell you about driving. Right now the sidewalks don’t seem too bad, you just always have to be extra careful.”

Crews will continue to focus their efforts on sidewalks and roads as temperatures fluctuate throughout the week.

Jonan Semple:
“Although the overnight parking bylaw doesn’t come into effect until December first motorists are being asked to stay off the roadways overnight to ensure an effective and quick cleanup.”

Jonna Semple, CKWS News Kingston.

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