Train collides with car moments after family of 3 escape

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

BROCKVILLE – The terrifying scene unflolded at around 9 in the morning at this level rail crossing on Bartholomew Street in Brockville.
A man was driving his two children to school … when the unthinkable happened.
His car was trapped on the tracks and wouldn’t move.
The driver acted quickly and got his kids out safely… moments later the car was struck by a freight train going eastbound.
Sgt. Shawn Borgford/Brockville Police:
“When the collision occurred it pushed the car off the tracks into the fence that you see behind me.”
Heather Senoran/Videographer:
“I spoke to the driver of the vehicle. He and his family as still very traumatized and did not want to appear on camera. He did tell me from the moment his car was stuck on the tracks only about 2 minutes passed before he looked up and saw the train coming right towards him.”
The driver says the tires were spinning on an ice build-up on the tracks. He says he tried to push the car out of the way as hard as he could… the wheels kept spinning but the car wouldn’t budge.
Brockville Police say to prevent this from happening again, drivers are advised not to slow down when approaching train tracks but remain at a normal speed.
“Definitely in weather like this… I would encourage anybody to put on snow tires, something for better grip and drive for the conditions obviously.”
No one was injured but the driver says the car that he just bought a few months ago is a total write off.
The driver hopes the city does a more thorough job at maintaining roads around the 4 rail crossings in Brockville… because it could have been a tragedy and not just a scary close call.

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