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Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Health Care providers came together today for a first of its kind event in Kingston.     The “Health City Ontario” took over the Rogers K-Rock Centre …. with a day-long health fair.     As Mike Postovit reports, the theme was fixing the system.

“Raise a Little Health”.     It may not be a full on protest — but organizers have a message at this Health City event to engage and inform the public about the state of health care in the province.

Dr. Joy Hataley/Event Co-Lead

“We’re heading for broken — and that is part of the reason that we’re doing this event — because we want to stop it before our system falls completely off the rails.”

A little bit of everything at this event.     Whether it was nurses checking people’s vital signs.     Or those getting ready to perform a mock knee or hip replacement.

Dr. Dale Engen/Anesthesiologist

“I think it’s really great to be able to interact with patients and be able to answer some of their questions in a very non-clinical environment — here in the community setting.”

Those in attendance had a chance to speak with medical experts — or listen-in on panel discussions.

(Sound bite…..)

“If we have limited funding we need to do the basics first — we need to ensure that people get the care for the most basic of problems that they have.”

And the event’s co-lead knows what she speaks — she works in a hospital E.R., the operating room as well as her own practice.     So she knows there’s been a decline in access to care.


“I understand that we have fix budgets in our province — I understand that this is a time a fiscal challenge — I believe in times like this we need to simplify our administrative structure — we need to take money out of administration and bureaucracy and we need to bolster the front line — we need to do basic care first.”

Mike Postovit, CKWS News, Kingston.

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