Pete Peterson Basketball League

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

62 years and still going strong…the Don “Pete” Peterson Basketball League at St.Patrick’s Separate School….

Its the best sporting bargain in town for 10-dollars a season….more than a hundred volunteers work 4-nights a week–coaching-officiating and timing to make sure the boys and girls learn some life lessons at a young age..

Zachary Flake/

To be a good teammate and have sportsmanship..if you don’t have that, your teammates are’nt going to have fun with you and if that does’nt happen your not doing well, if you have fun and respect your teammates and be a good sportsman the whole league is just a way better place.”

Sam Playter/

“Its a fun league–just for the fun of it..its a league just to have fun–its not serious and its a nice thing to play in.”


“I’ve learned to have fun and having fun makes you play way better and when you play way better you feel better about yourself.”


“Respect for refs and coaches–just to have fun playing a sport and not to take it too serious.”


“The goal is too have fun, respect your teammates–be a good sportsman and rwally, again–have fun…it makes everything so much better.”

It’s a league based on the values of one-man…Don Peterson who opened the gym doors at St.Pat’s back in 1955 and they’ve been open ever since…


“I did’nt really know him but I’ve seen him around the league and in the gym…obviously he was a really good person who started this league and its been running for..I dont know..70 some years….but its just amazing that one person can make such a big impact on the community.”

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