Clothes for Kids campaign in desperate need

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

This room should be full of warm winter wear – instead there’s dozens of empty boxes.

Corus Kingston’s Clothes for Kids drive is in desperate need of donations.
The campaign is 400 snow suits short.

Maria Sadowy:
“We’re at the point where we desperately need the sizes 6 to 16 to fill those wish lists. Until we get more of those sizes we cannot continue to fill those lists.”

Krista Mather works with the Limestone District School Board.
She’s been involved with Clothes for Kids for the last seven years and says she’s never seen the warehouse this empty.

Krista Mather, Student Support Counselor, Limestone District School Board

“Our orders didn’t all get filled , so we are waiting for that and trying to just help families piece some things together from maybe lost and found that we found last year or things like that.”

Just under 2-thousand children are registered for snowsuits this year…
But without your help the sad reality is they may not get warm jackets to protect them from the elements.

Charlotte Presley, Community Development Worker, Kingston Community Health Centres:
“This year we’ve seen a 30-percent increase in people who have come into our agency, looking for a snow suit for their children that we have never seen before.
They have never had to access any of our services in past years.”

Snow suit donations are welcome but monetary ones will help the cause even more…
Snowsuits can cost upwards of a hundred dollars but Clothes for Kids can get them for half that price through its distributors and in the sizes they need.

John Suart, Manager, Family and Children Services of Frontenac, Lennox & Addington
“There’s a real need, we’ve asked for 200 snowsuits and so far we’ve only been able to get 100. We still need 100 more.”

Donations can be dropped off at a number of locations like the Frontenac Mall, Cataraqui Centre and our studios at 170 Queen Street.

Modern City Taxi is also helping the cause.. From 4 until 9pm a representative will pick up your donations and drop it off to the Fontenac Mall warehouse.

The deadline for donations has been extended to December 2nd.

Jonna Semple, CKWS News Kingston.

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