“The Secret Life of Natalie” a H’art Centre original play

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

The cast, crew and musicians in the play “The Secret life of Natalie” –are busy at the H’art centre for their December 7th opening.
Natalie is a young woman with a disability … and is constantly underestimated by her friends and co-workers.
Natalie is actually played by two actors.
One Natalie is frustrated with how she is perceived…. while the other Natalie is full of confidence and eventually makes other people see her true potential and talents.

“There’s no confidence in her from the people around her or very little. So she develops this alter ego that she chats with and is kind of like whoa you’re amazing and her alter ego is capable of all these wonderful things.”
” She’s the kind of girl who gets what she wants.”
“She gets what she wants?”
” Yes, and gets treated nicely.”
“So she’s very determined.”

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