Town Crier recovers stolen car

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

It’s been an interesting 24 hours for Chris Whyman.
Kingston’s town crier was the victim of auto theft yesterday morning.
His 1993 “Ford Escape” was stolen — just steps from the downtown tourist office where he works.
But today, Whyman has his wheels back.
And he credits social media for helping him out.
Darryn Davis has more.

With the onset of colder weather — Kingston town crier Chris Whyman is happy to have his vehicle to get to work… something that was in doubt 24 hours ago.
He parked outside the visitor centre on Ontario street where he works.
But had to go to noon event at the KRC … “When I came out a quarter to twelve there was no car there so in the course of 20 minutes half an hour, someone had found the keys and gone and taken the car and that was it. ”
Whyman is not sure how he lost his keys — but he did make the event on time.
“I had to keep going, the show must go on as they say.”
Official duties done, Whyman turned his attention back to his stolen 3 year old “ford escape.”
“First thing I did is post it on facebook and then called Kingston police.”
Whyman was actually less concerned about getting his vehicle back — and more focused on recovering a one-of-a-kind jacket inside the vehicle — a gift from the city for his service.
“In celebration of you’re contribution to the community of kingston, thank you.”
For a crier who relies on the centuries’ old practice of spreading the word with a booming voice — Whyman turned to modern communication to spread the word.
His use of social media got others on the lookout.
And by night, his abandoned car was found in amherstview.
“Over the last 24 hours Whyman says if there’s one thing he’s developed a new appreciation for…that’s the power of social media. ”
“You do it because your friends can keep an eye out for you.
But little did I know it would be 1900 shares of just my post alone and it was kind of heart warming.”
While the town crier recovered car and treasured jacket – police say the auto theft remains an active investigation.
“If people did see anything, if they felt they saw that vehicle, anyone behind the wheel of it or have any additional information comes through in the kingston area or amherstview neighbourhood then please contact either Kingston police, O.P.P. ”
In the meantime, Whyman will keep crying … but with a smile on his face.
Darryn Davis CKWS News Kingston

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