Canadian Black Friday not the frenzy it is in U.S.

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

As our friends to the south get their dinner tables ready for American thanksgiving – many of them are also getting ready to head to the stores bright and early.

The pushing and shoving for bargains on Black Friday has become as much a part of Thanksgiving as turkey and stuffing.

But are Canadians heading south in search of deals?

Celiah Dale: “Usually there’s such a long line to get across to the states, it’s just not worth waiting in line and I’m pretty impatient.”
Evan Kummer: “It’s become a tradition so much in the states that we’ve kind of adopted it. So most places generally have a Black Friday sale anyways.”

Local business owners tend to agree.

Michael Tenenhouse: “With the exchange on the dollar being, you know 25-30 percent I’d be surprised if anyone shops in the states and saves any money.”

Michael Tenenhouse owns A-One clothing in downtown Kingston. He will be cutting prices to get a piece of the Black Friday frenzy.

But not all of his downtown colleagues will be.

Justine Scala: “We really haven’t found that it’s worth it. We feel that people are focused on the really huge deals at the box stores and electronic stores. For us, we can’t compete on price on those particular items.”

Instead – Many downtown merchants have begun a tradition of their own, taking place the next Friday December. 2nd.

‘Shop After Dark’ sees most shops open much later – with holiday themed activities taking place up and down princess street.

Justine Scala: “It worked extremely well last year. It was a blockbuster evening for us. It was really fun and there was a very festive feeling downtown.”

And it’s a great way to support local businesses.

Hannah Gray: “I think that’s really important. I’d much prefer to shop downtown than at Walmart of across the border.”

As for some of the local chain stores, they plan to open bright and early Friday morning to welcome shoppers with some deep discounts.

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