Heat or eat?

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV
Heat or eat?

Kingston – It’s a hot button topic for many Ontarians… including this group that gathered outside Queen’s Park to protest Hydro rates and the ability to pay.

Many receiving such high bills that they’ve resorted to living without, like this couple on Burbrook Road. For three months they were forced to adjust to a new way of life without electricity … until an anonymous donor paid their hydro bill earlier this week. A bill in excess of three thousand dollars.

Mel Kemp:
“There’s just been endless things that people have been doing to help us out and we’d like to thank everyone. They’ve all been very kind and considerate doing all this for us.”

The Kemp’s story has sparked outrage from many who struggle every month to pay for the necessities of life, like hydro..

Morganne Campbell:
“This week alone we heard of two separate families who’ve been cut off from their hydro. We decided to take to the streets and ask Kingstonians if they think hydro should be deemed an essential service that could never be cut off.”

Streeter #2:
“I think it’s just like water like food, it’s a necessity so when you’re looking at that, it should be something that should be provided.”

Streeter #3:
“I think the Liberal government has to really look at this and really look at the people who are suffering with this problem.”

Streeter #1:
“I think we need a hydro cut. I think we need to be subsidized somehow, whether it be on income or the government has a good look at what’s really going on here and take back the province.”

A point echoed by the provincial opposition.

Steve Clark/PC:
“They’re at their wits end. They just can’t afford life in Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario anymore because of this out of control hydro policy.”

The Liberal government has acknowledged that there is still more that needs to be done to help with inflated hydro bills.  The premier recently took accountability for rising costs … calling it “her mistake”  An eight percent rebate on electricity bills will come into effect January 1st with the premier vowing to find more ways to cut costs. But until more solutions are found, many families could find themselves in ‘energy poverty.’ Morganne Campbell CKWS News Kingston.

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