Knights ready for National Capital Bowl

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

The National Capital Bowl–High School Double “A” football championship games will be played on Saturday in Carleton Place..
the Frontenac juniors take on the Quinte Saints from Belleville…and the senior game has the Adam Scott Lions from Peterborough against the LaSalle Black Knights..

Ruben Brunet/

“Well I think everybody is really excited–last night we practised in the snow and nobody complained..I think we had 40 guys at practise so I think they realize what lies ahead of them and its been interesting….we really stressed the little things this week in practise–taking care of the little things will be huge in this game and so everything were working on in practise is even more important this week because it is the National Capital Bow…I’ve asked them to take one play at a time..don’t take a play off–don’t take a special team play off–play full tilt for 4 quarters of football on Saturday and see what happens at the end.”

Win or lose on Saturday, coach Brunet is extremely proud of the KASSA and Eastern Ontario champions


“You know what..there good kids–there kind kids..its one of the things we stress in life at La Salle..there’s nothing wrong with being kind to another human being and I think they’ve really bought into that ..they come to practise, they work really hard and they happen to be very athletic kids so its a good combination, personality with athletics–its been a lot of fun.”

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