Napanee school celebrates pink shirt day

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It was a day to think pink.
a lot of students were sporting the same colour today — to make a symbolic statement against bullying.
Thousands of students across the province are taking part in events — including those at Prince Charles public school in Napanee.
As Darryn Davis found out — while bullying issues are the focus … there is also an emphasis on inclusion.

You could say The Prince Charles public school’s principal is leading by example on pink shirt day.
She’s donned a little more than just a pink shirt to address issues of bullying that many children have to face.
“The crazy dress is me taking a risk for the kids and showing them in a subtle way that it’s important to stand up and it’s important to be proud of who you are.”
School assemblies were held throughout the day to recognize students for their accomplishments — from academics to being good citizens.
In many ways anti-bullying the campaign at The Prince Charles is focused on inclusion, playing off the school’s mascot — the bumble bee.
It’s about giving students an environment where they feel they beelong.
“Sometimes when you’re being bullied you feel like you don’t belong, so everybody did a bee and wrote about it.”
“I wrote about how everybody belongs in the school and they all should feel good.
Those in grades 6 through 8 also act as mentors and leaders for the younger students.
All the students are members of different groups called colour houses … and they participate in events throughout the year.
“We get to show the little kids how easy it is to be a leader or a how easy it is to be a helper and it’s really great. ”
“Another example of that year round emphasis on anti-bullying and creating a sense of belonging is on the grade seven and eight class where they’re embarking in a program where they’ll be creating their own anti-bullying commercials. ”
“When a student comes up with a personal story that they have a strong emotional connection with, other students tend to have more empathy, they listen and it has more impact. ”
The commercials will be shown to the other students at the school and entered into a national campaign.
Darryn Davis CKWS News Napanee.

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