Black Friday frenzy

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV
Black Friday frenzy

Before the sun was even up there were deals to be had this Black Friday.

Sophie Pepin, Black Friday Shopper:
“I figure I saved a good six hundred dollars.”

At 6am– Best Buy was one of the first retailers to open its doors.
Sophie Pepin and her daughter take the day off work and hit the stores every Black Friday. This year, they weren’t disappointed.

Sophie Pepin, Black Friday Shopper:
“I made a list yesterday. I had a T.V. I needed to get and Christmas gifts for my son and for myself and so on.”

TV’s were popular big ticket items that many people were loading into their cars before putting under the tree.”

Darren Mccaugherty, Black Friday Shopper:
“I was looking for a TV for my kids and the price that I saw was the one I wanted.

Andrew Stevenson, Black Friday Shopper:
“I figured out exactly what I wanted and what I needed and you can’t beat the prices.”
The doors at Toy R Us opened up at 7am. Lots of happy people walking out of the doors with full baskets.

Deanna Thompson and Bryan Lindsay, Black Friday Shoppers:
“We do it every year year. Siblings get together and go do Black Friday shopping. Lots of money saved that’s for sure.”

Over at the Cataraqui Centre stores opened its gates between 7 and 8.
And while many people were out shopping for Christmas bargains, others, were taking advantage of it for themselves.

Celiah Dale, Black Friday Shopper:
“I need to find some new clothes for a new job. Find some good deals, find some new shoes and everything will be good.”

Jonna Semple
“Black Friday originated in the United States and many people use to cross the border to score those deals this year however they say it’s just not logical to cross the boarder and shop with our dollar.”

Darlene Weale, Black Friday Shopper:
“You have to out weigh the exchange. It’s great that stores here are now doing the same thing and if you can get a good deal why not.”
And while Black Friday looks like this in the United States… here in Canada we live up to our stereotype and do things in a more polite way.
-Jonna Semple, CKWS News Kingston

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