Local soldiers honoured by German Military

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Throughout their military careers – these members of the Princess of Wales Own Regiment may receive a handful of medals, but medals from a foreign military will be few and far between.

WO Scott Schultz: “Very excited to show their skills to foreign military and to test themselves physically and mentally. I’m extremely proud. They worked very, very hard. I’m very, very proud.”

26 members of the regiment are receiving medals for Military Proficiency from the German Armed Forces.

The men and women were put through a number of physical and mental tasks – which is the equivalent of what a German soldier would need to complete boot camp.

2Lt Wes Lyons: “I definitely wouldn’t have scored as high right out of the gate. I got gold this year, and starting my career I would have been nowhere close.”

Some of the tasks include shooting drills using pistols instead of rifles, or swimming laps in uniform.

Private Ian Smith: “I’m not the greatest swimmer, especially when you add a uniform like this on and soaking wet. It’s quite difficult to swim the four laps and to do the minute of treading and undressing afterwards so that was the most difficult for me.”

Gold, silver and bronze proficiency badges are awarded for this training.

German officials on hand say they’re pleased with how members of the Regiment performed.

LtCol Andy Vogler: “Today we’ll be awarding the gold and silver ones only which reflect the very high level of professionalism that the Princess of Wales own Regiment has.”

These badges aren’t very common outside of Germany. In fact, soldiers in the Kingston Regiment are the first in Canada to ever receive them, and only one division of the US Army has as well.

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