Central Kingston library branch closes Saturday

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

The Kingston Frontenac central branch library in downtown Kingston is about to undergo a major facelift.
The 13.8 million dollar work is expected to take about a year.
Darryn Davis finds out what the library’s plans are to keep the service running while the branch is closed.

A new chapter for the 40 year old central library branch.
It’s closing for more than a year for a major facelift … new mechanical upgrades, and a complete redesign of the floorspace.
The children’s area will be moved to the main floor … the library will be brighter …and the new layout will make it easier to interact with staff.
“Instead of having like one big desk, there’s going to be different service points in different areas.”
Regular users of the Johnson street branch say they will miss the library when it closes.
“As long as many of the same services are available at the temporary location that will be fine. ”
“It’s a hardship for me to lose this branch, I love it to pieces. everyone here is wonderful, I love the proximity to where I live to downtown.”
A new temporary branch has opened on the corner of Queen and Wellington streets.
“I’m super excited about the new box thing that has the dvd’s in it. That excites me no more pawing through the boxes to find a dvd that might not even be there.”
And while the Wellington location is considerably smaller –the public will still have access to the library’s full collection.
“We will have a hold pick up here so you have access to our entire collection, some of the books will be housed in a warehouse so they won’t be right out on the floor but you can place a hold and have it delivered here to pick up. ”
“The Kingston Frontenac public library is also working with a number of community partners to ensure that all programming offered at the central branch continues through out the renovations. ”
“We’re doing a lot of programming at other sites so Artillery Park and the Tett centre so patrons still have access that way.” The central library will host a costume dance party saturday afternoon before the doors are closed for renovations.
Darryn Davis CKWS News Kingston.

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