Police stress safe-riding after cyclist collides with vehicle

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Police and Paramedics tend to the scene of a collision between a cyclist and a vehicle at an intersection at the edge of the Univerisity District.

Police say the female cyclist ran through the stop sign at Ellerbeck Street and Union Street west, colliding with the car.

It’s unclear if any charges will be laid as the investigation is on-going.

The collision not surprising to some motorists in the city.

“They just completely ignore stops signs or red lights. I think they put themselves in the risk of danger.”
“I once got cut off by a cyclist – I was at a stop light they totally just ran right in front of me so that was pretty difficult.”
“Very often. I think that they don’t necessarily think they’re vehicles. You notice it more when you’re driving.”
“It’s kind of like why motorcycles weave in and out of traffic. You feel a bit more mobile.”
“I feel like there’s not enough police around to be honest.”
Police agree, they can’t be at every intersection 100 percent of the time,

Chris Gobeil: “I can appreciate their frustration in seeing cyclists who don’t obey the rules as drivers are required to. Again, cyclists are required to stop at all stop signs and stop at lights.”

But want to remind everyone on the road, including cyclists, to be extra cautious – especially at this time of the year.

Chris Gobeil: “It’s the same advice that we would give to motorists as well. The roads are going to be slippery and slick. Conditions can become unpredictable so we encourage you to take a little extra time.”

As for the collision Thursday, police say any injuries sustained were minor in nature and the cyclist was treated on scene.

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