Provincial funding for Kingston Hospitals

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Hoping to address the increased demand on the health care system — including longer wait times — the provincial government has opened the purse strings.     All public hospitals across Ontario today received, at a minimum, a 2-percent increase to their base funding.     Mike Postovit has more on how that will benefit Kingston’s 3 hospitals.


Sophie Kiwala/Kingston & Islands M.P.P.

“Our government wants to do even more for patients and our hospitals — and that is why i’m pleased to announce that our government is investing an additional 140 million dollars in our hospital sector this year.”

Of “that amount” the 3 Kingston hospitals — K.G.H., Hotel Dieu and Providence Care will share about 2.8 million dollars.


“Our government recognizes that the volume of patients passing through the doors of our hospitals has been growing at an unprecedented rate — this funding will help them address capacity and access challenges.”

Of the Kingston hospitals — Providence Care Centre gets the lions share — at nearly 1.6 million dollars going to what it calls access and restore.

Cathy Czabo/Providence Care President & C.E.O.

“Where we have patients that come to us from K.G.H. or from Hotel Dieu or the community to be able to have a rehab therapy and out patient rehab therapy to be able to return and live independently in their homes.”

Kingston General will receive just under 900 thousand dollars.

Silvie Crawford/Executive Vice President

“It’ll go directly towards care for our patients — we are experiencing volume increases as was mentioned and this will go to help care for those patients so we’re absolutely grateful that the ministry has acknowledged the additional to the Kingston hospitals.”

As for Hotel Dieu?     Its portion of the funding announcement is 285 thousand dollars.


“We want patients to have faster access to health care no matter where they live in this province — and we want to ensure whatever the need that Ontarians have the best patient care experience possible.”

Across the South East LHIN –which includes Brockville and Quinte Health Care — hospitals will receive a one-time injection of about 8.5 million dollars to help with their budgets.     Mike Postovit, CKWS News, Kingston.

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