Trenton Walmart opens for Black Friday

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV
Trenton Walmart opens for Black Friday

Trenton – The parking lot is full — a constant flow of customers coming and going from Trenton’s Walmart Superstore.  Customers relieved the store has reopened.

“It’s been very traumatic, I’ve had to spread my money all over town.”

“I was glad to see it open. I missed it. I was surprised though that there weren’t more sales and I was kind of surprised there wasn’t more stuff but I guess that takes time, eh?”

The store closed it’s doors November 15th after stock in a storage room caught fire. The fire was small in nature but the damage from smoke and water from the sprinkler systems was extensive.
And carries a price tag of more than 4 million dollars.  As for what caused the fire? Officials aren’t saying.

The Ontario Fire Marshall’s office turned their investigation over to the OPP once it was determined the fire was suspicious. At this point in time, the OPP isn’t saying if charges are pending against anyone.

Only half of the store has been restocked, many shelves remain bare — restocking the entire store could take days.

“There’s just a few things on the racks now, there’s not as much as you usually see like clothes, there’s only a minimum selection like there’s not much. The food there was just a bunch of blank spots where normally it would be totally full.”

All of the store’s 240 employees were paid for scheduled shifts while the store was being cleaned up. About one hundred people were hired to help with the cleanup which was expected to last up to five weeks but was done in just ten days. Just in time for for the busiest time of the year for those in retail — Christmas.

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