Master Keys for JDUC stolen

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

According to the Alma Mater Society a set of keys that opens over 50 rooms in the JDUC, and some in the athletics and recreation centre, were taken late Thursday night.

At about midnight someone broke through a glass paned door to gain access to the student life centre, where the keys were kept.

The AMS believes the theft may have been targeted and the thief may have known what they were looking for and where to find them.

While the costly process of changing all the locks is worked out including prioritizing which rooms will need new locks first, the AMS has arranged for campus security to provide security around the clock for the building.

In part it’s hoped that security may catch whoever is responsible trying to gain access to the building.

The theft has prompted meetings this week to discuss whether to install security cameras in the JDUC.

Right now the building does to not have surveillance equipment.

All students and staff are being advised not to leave any valuables in their offices at night for the time being.

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