Belleville man raises money for local shelter

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

A Belleville real estate agent is doing everything he can to raise funds for a local shelter.
John-Ross Parks has been camped out on the roof of Royal LePage in the downtown core.
He has been on the roof since Friday and has raised 9 thousand dollars for Diana’s place.
He says he’ll stay up there until he hits his goal of 25 thousand dollars.
He’s also broadcasting live on-line his daily life on the roof and doing stunts like dying his hair to raise the funds.

“It’s been really cool there’s been a lot of people sharing their own stories, which has been something I didn’t expect. I’ve gotten about five different e-mails in, personal stories of people going through the shelter system, we’ve had some cries we’ve had some laughs, it’s been pretty crazy and it’s live on the inter net 24 hours a day. ”

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