Napanee family thankful to Habitat for Humanity

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Owning a home is a dream for many people — now — that dream has become a reality for a Napanee family.     In fact — as Mike Postovit reports — the family has a new lease on life — thanks to their own hard work and that of others.


It’s kind of hard to believe — but construction on this home didn’t start until the 21st of September.
But thanks to dozens of volunteers — a handful of weeks later and this is the end result.

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It’s a good crowd on hand as the new owners — a family of 5 was officially welcomed and given the keys to their King Street house.

Krista Abbink/New Owner

“They’re always willing to help a family or make a quilt — so they’re giving us a quilt for each of us — the family members.     It doesn’t surprise me that Napanee is a very amazing community that comes together around their own.”

As for Habitat for Humanity — this is a hand-up — not a hand-out.


“We are purchasing it at fair market value — and the hand-up that is giving us — that in place of a down payment we’re doing 500 sweat equity hours — and then the other hand-up for us is that the mortgage is interest free so all of the payments of the mortgage go against the principle.”

Susan Zambonin/Habitat for Humanity

“Part of it is that we want home owners — new home owners to understand that it’s not easy to own a home.     It’s hard work — so we require families to do 500 hours of sweat equity.     Now in some cases — the family themselves and some of their extended family and friends that — but the family has to do 325 hours themselves — the family that’s going to actually live in the house.

All involved say this really is a testament to volunteers — with-out the help — something like this wouldn’t happen.


“I know what we were looking for was between 5 and 15 volunteers everyday — there were days when we had way more than that — and days when we didn’t want that many — but, yeah that’s about what it takes.     10 volunteers a day for 6 weeks and this is what you get.”

You also get a very grateful family.     Mike Postovit, CKWS News, Napanee

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