Tis the season to roll up your sleeve

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Tis the season to roll up your sleeve

Kingston –  One little prick could mean the difference between life or death especially for young children and the elderly.  It’s flu shot season and local health experts are urging everyone to get the vaccine. Each year more than 12 thousand Canadian’s die from flu related illnesses.

Debra Vine / Public Health Nurse:
“It’s best to not only get the flu shot to protect yourself but also those around you because the vulnerable populations really do suffer from complications from the flu.”

There are several locations to get the free shot, at your doctors office, pharmacy or various health unit clinics.  Health experts say the earlier you roll up your sleeve the better — as it’s essential to have the shot before influenza actually gets here.

Debra Vine / Public Health Nurse:
“Flu is very unpredictable. It may start a little bit earlier and it does take two weeks after your immunized to build immunity against the flu.”

Flu season doesn’t normally hit until January or February, and it appears Kingstonian’s have mixed feelings about the shot.

“It does help. Especially when I’m working with the public so yes I do get it.”

“I just don’t take a lot of medication for anything, I don’t take headache pills or anything, I do the more natural thing.”

“I just think it’s necessary to do to help prevent the flu from spreading.”

There’s been a revolving door of people at Peter’s Drugs looking for the flu shot and information about potential side effects and it’s effectiveness.

Marg Hetherington/Pharmacist
“It is something very much so that I recommend and I’ve been getting it personally every year. It helps to provide immunity to everybody the more people that get it.”

Immunity that could come in handy in the upcoming weeks when friends and family gather for Christmas and to ring in the New Year. And don’t forget to take precautions to protect yourself from the spread of viruses like washing your hands regularly and using proper sneezing and coughing etiquette, which is key to prevent the spread of germs.

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