2 scams making the rounds in Kingston

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Utilities Kingston is sounding the alarm about not 1 but 2 scams making the rounds in the community.  A number of residents have complained to the utility about door to door water filtration system sales people claiming to be from Utilities Kingston.  The utility says it does not sell water filtration systems door to door.  The other scam involves a green energy company calling residents asking to inspect their appliances to make sure they are green.  Officials have released a number of tips to make sure you don’t get duped including:
– always get a business card…
-ask to see a salesperson’s id badge..
– also never share personal information
– and make sure to carefully read any contract provided.

Nancy Taylor/ Vice President, Utilities Kingston
“There may be times that we require access to your property to work on the meter or other such things but in those cases we always give you a heads up that we’re going to be visiting you. Our employees always carry photo identification feel free to ask them to show you their photo identification.”


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