Lock change at Queen’s could take weeks

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

It could take weeks before all the locks are changed following a security breach at the John Deutsch University Centre.  According to the Alma Mater Society a set of master keys – which opens doors to about 95-percent of the building – were stolen late Thursday night from the student services office.  As a result – the university has beefed up security to maintain safety for students and staff and potentially to catch the suspect returning to gain access to the building.  The AMS is working to prioritize which, of over 50 rooms should receive new locks first.  The AMS is not commenting on how much all the new locks will cost or who will foot the bill.

Dave Walker/Vice President of Operations, AMS
“Right now we’re focusing on student safety, the safety of our community and the staff that work here so while the time length of one to two weeks may seem long for some people it’s that we really have prioritized keeping everyone safe first and then are moving forward with the lock changes and the appropriate measures.”

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