Student protest looks to end racism

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

A few dozen Queen’s students and others gathered outside of Sutherland Hall – where inside a senate meeting was underway to discuss what should happen as a result of these photos.

More than a hundred students are alleged to have attended a costume party earlier this month – with a theme of countries of the world. Photos from the party sparked outage.

Natasha Stirrett: “And made a mockery of people’s identities. So in the last couple weeks this has been an initiative that a lot of students have come together here at Queen’s to address.”

One by one students took turns speaking to the small crowd that gathered about their experiences with racism on Queen’s Campus which they say takes place in social settings and in the classroom.

Asheika Sood: “Being a minority student here can mean that sometimes you feel alienated and kind of ostracised. Even in the classroom discussions you’ll approach things differently than other students might.”

But then the small group of students who remained after the demonstration had ended were given some news they weren’t expecting.

A motion had been brought forward to the Queen’s Senate that called on the university to act upon recommendations made in previous years following other instances of racism on campus – instead of moving forward with a new advisory committee, as suggested by Principal Woolf in his blog Monday Night.

Evelyna Ekoko-Kay: “That was a motion that was put forward, there was an attempt to table it but now because of students walking out and students standing in protest that motion is going to pass apparently, which is wonderful and I’m very happy.”

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