Investigation into Seeley’s Bay Retirement Home fire continues

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

The good news — it didn’t cost any lives.     The reason — staff training and a reliable escape plan.
30 Firefighters were called to a fire in a Seeley’s Bay Retirement Home yesterday morning.     As Mike Postovit reports, the building was safely evacuated — after fire broke out in a basement electrical and storage area.
Officials with the Ontario Fire Marshall’s office were on the scene for a good part of today looking to piece things together.     Fire broke-out in the basement here at the Seeley’s Bay retirement home around 6:30 Tuesday morning.

John Paul Jackson/Ward 2 Councillor

“Two staff were on duty at the time — those two staff were able to get those 25 residents up out of bed, across the street to our community hall all with-in 5 minutes.     And the only way they would be able to do that so effectively without anybody getting injured is through proper planning and the plans that they have in place and practice regularly clearly were effective in this case.”

No one was hurt or even worse killed.     Some of the residents have been moved temporarily to other retirement facilities or will stay with families until they can move back.     The area’s councillor says this should be a lesson to others.


“And it’s not just the practicing of the fire drills that they do on a regular basis — it’s the whole idea of recognizing that emergencies can happen — having practices in place but also making sure that your facility itself is up to code and where it isn’t taking proper measures.     In the case of the Seeley’s Bay Retirement Home, the Rudd family has ensured that they met or exceeded the fire code when they constructed the building and trying to maintain it to the Fire Marshall’s code.”

Still no word on the cause of the fire or when residents will be able to return.     Damage has been pegged at between 50 and 100 thousand dollars.     Mike Postovit, CKWS News, Seeley’s Bay.

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