$225 million investment to bring state of the art facility to Kingston that produces baby formula

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

KINGSTON – It’s being touted as one of the biggest economic development deals in Kingston’s history. A quarter of a billion dollars.┬áChinese-based Feihe International Inc. – one of the world’s largest producers of infant formula — already has 6 plants in China and 1 in the U-S.
Now, choosing Kingston as the base for its first venture into Canada.
Roger Liu/Vice Chair, Feihe International Inc. Translator and Vice President, Judy Tu:
“All the places where we choose to locate our facilities are all near areas that are environmentally friendly, environmentally clean. So that’s why we picked Kingston.”
It was standing room only in council chambers as the massive investment was announced.
These concept designs show a 300 thousand square foot facility that will include an area for manufacturing infant formula… along with research and development , and shipping and receiving.
It will be located in Cataraqui Estates Business Park, in the city’s west end.
This will be Canada’s first and only wet infant formula facility … and the only one in North America using goat milk as an ingredient.
The made-in-Kingston product will then be distributed to global markets.
Shai Dubey/Chair, Kingston Economic Development Corporation:
“80 percent will go to Asia. 20 percent will be for the North America market. They hope to be the only goat milk manufacturer… they’re going to need 75 million litres of goat milk per year. You can imagine what’s going to happen to the rural economy as this expands and they need that kind of milk.”
Kingston’s mayor says talks with Feihe have been going on for several months.. and bringing the international award-winning company here represents a significant boost to the city’s attractiveness for international companies.
Bryan Paterson/Mayor of Kingston:
“We’ve now have a firm from Portugal, Frulact, locate here. Now we have a firm from China that’s located here. Clearly, we are now a global player in the agri-food industry. That was really part of our vision.”
In addition to the 225-million dollar investment in building a giant manufacturing plant… the company says up to 250 full time positions will be created.
Feihe hopes to break ground next spring… and start producing infant formula by late 2019.

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