Big Dig Freedom – Phase 3 almost complete

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Kingston –  The countdown is on.  There’s only a week and half to go until the third phase of the big dig is officially complete.  Kingston’s biggest and most disruptive road project of 2016 started back in January.  And after almost a year of construction there’s only a few things left on the to do list.

John Hoogwerf/Site Superintendent
“Crews are pouring the remaining city walk, we’re getting prepped and ready to finish up the last bits of interlock and just the final lick and polish on everything.”

This is a massive project.  The third phase included replacing a century old sewer box with an up to date separated sewer system.  A project of this magnitude meant motorists and pedestrians having to deal with road closures and detours for the better part of the year.  Many businesses say they took a hit because of the infrastructure project – but that wasn’t the case for this salon.

Jack Macphil/Stylist, Total Look
“It hasn’t been that bad for us at all. The workers out there have been terrific. The road looks great, the street looks fantastic and when it’s finished it’s even going to look better.”

And while the upgrades on Montreal, Clergy and Sydenham streets were all the same, there is a slight difference on Sydenham – it’s sporting these. They’re known as ballers and they’re designed to make closing the street more efficient.  The system involves unlocking the ballers and attaching poles.  But adding these circles was a job in of itself.

Timothy Dunn, Crew Member
“We had to obviously have the base coat of asphalt down first and then cut out the asphalt make sure it was perpendicular and squared to the road and then reinforce steel inside the concrete and then put the design of the piece that unlocks and pulls up.”

At its peak the 13 million dollar project employed close to 60 workers.  And even though the third phase is coming to an end that doesn’t mean the downtown core is free from the big dig.  Phase four of the downtown reconstruction project is expected to start in 2018.   Nikki Jhutti, CKWS News Kingston.

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