Celebrating Accessibility Award Nominees

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

People making the city of Kingston more accessible.     That was celebrated at Memorial Hall in City Hall this afternoon.     A number of awards were presented to people, companies and organizations making a difference.     Here’s Mike Postovit.



“Creating an accessible Ontario requires a cultural shift so that accessibility becomes a way of life.”

And helping to make things more accessible at least here in Kingston — is this group.     28 people, businesses, organizations or institutions were nominated in categories such as education, employment and recreation.

Kimberly Sutherland Mills/Kingston Public Library

“The public library is all about serving every member of our communities — so making it accessible is one piece of that.”

The Kingston Frontenac Public Library was sited for it’s public service.     Officials say it’ll be even better once the the downtown branch is renovated.

Sutherland Mills

“Washrooms will be front and centre — stadium entrances for people in wheelchairs to access them — we’re also making the shelves wider apart and lower to make it easier so people can reach the materials that they need.

In recreation — the Kingston Yacht Club’s “Able Sail” program was recognized.     For those involved — it’s truly a labour of love.

Ross Cameron/Kingston Yacht Club

“Having sailing accessible and having boats they can use we now and having facilities that allow people to get on to those boats is a really wonderful thing and the program is very popular at the club.     Just talking to David Grightmire here he was saying how wonderful it is to have the exceptance that people with disabilities get when they come to the club.

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Tara McCallan/Happy Soul Project

“I started happy soul project with the intent of informing family and friends and our journey with special needs — and since then it’s soared into this beautiful movement — this extraordinary community and i’m so honoured to be the voice behind it and have this platform to create change.”

Celebrating accessibility — and those that make it happen.     Mike Postovit, CKWS News, Kingston.


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