Kingstonians tell us their New Years Resolutions

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

And it’s almost that time of the year again…

When the clock strikes midnight and we say goodbye to 2016 – for many it’s an opportunity for change.

Pinching pennies may be at the top of some New Years resolutions lists…

But other top promises include – losing weight, quitting smoking and travelling more.

Spending time with loved ones, volunteering and being less stressed also top the charts…

We set up at Market Square earlier today to find out what resolutions Kingstonians have for 2017.

“I wanna try to eat more healthy”
“…and why do you want to eat more healthy?”
“Because I always eat junk food.”
“To get better at sports”
“Nothing much, probably just to stop beating up my brother.”
“What about yours?”
“To start sharing stuff”
“Probably to eat healthier, yeah, maybe hit the gym a little more often after the holidays.”
“My New Year’s resolution is… there’s a great little saying, go where you’re celebrated not where you’re tolerated. It’s one of my favourites.”

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