Tenants speak out, concerned about unsafe building

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Heather Cormier/ Tenant of 1.5 years:
“It just doesn’t make sense to me how someone can let somebody, other people live like this.”

When Heather Cormier moved into this little apartment building at 36 Raglan street in Napanee…
she thought it would be the perfect place to live… The building is located on a quite side street — and backs up onto a park and river. But, after living here for more than a year, she’s noticed a few problems.

Heather Cormier:
“Some peoples apartments are leaking from the outside-in, getting their carpet completely wet. And it’s just, how are we supposed to live, our sink in our bathroom won’t drain.”

And she’s not the only tenant with concerns…

Robert Wilson/ Tenant of 7 years:
“As you can see, the garbage hasn’t been dumped since the 2nd of December this year. There’s problems with a few apartments inside with mold. The back door lock has been broke for a good couple of months now.”

And according to the tenants the list goes on and on… Safety railings on stairs are not properly attached to the wall… And this security door provides no security because the lock is broken. And that has Amanda Glasius very concerned.

Amanda Glasius/ Tenant of 9 months:
“I am a single parent. Yes, I can lock the door of my apartment. But, the reason I rented here is because it was a secure building. Being a single mom, you want to have the security of going to bed knowing you are completely safe.”

North view Apartments REIT are the owners of the building – the corporation owns a number of apartments across Canada. Despite numerous complaints to the property manager and the company’s customer service hotline – tenants says their concerns are being ignored and they’re getting the runaround. To make matters worse, they say their rent was increased in the fall.

Callie Warren:
“Even with all of the problems, the garbage, the security, the mold . Residents say they don’t want to leave the building, that they’ve made the apartments their own, and that they’d like to stay. All they want is to see some progress.

And after months of waiting – frustrated residents like Cormier say they may have no choice but to take their issues to the Landlord Tenant Board.

Heather Cormier:
“I’d like to stay here, I like it here, I like the people in the building — it’s just , I just want things done.”

As for Northview Apartments REIT – CKWS made multiple attempts to try to speak with someone on this matter.
But our calls went unanswered.

Callie Warren, CKWS News, Napanee

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