Celebrating a milestone birthday with a familiar name

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

It’s a milestone many aspire to but only few attain — turning 100.     That very big day in a very long life was celebrated yesterday for one Kingston woman.     Family and friends gathered at the Queen’s University Club to honour a woman with deep ties to Queen’s University.     Here’s Mike Postovit


It was a date circled on many calendars.     Monday marked the 100th birthday of this lady — Stephanie Deutsch.     A family name synonymous with Queen’s University.

Linda Kenney/Queen’s Women’s Association V.P.

“She was raised in Ottawa and then went back there to work and met John Deutsch — a young economist and they had a lovely long marriage together.”

For those who don’t know — John Deutsch — was a former principal at Queen’s from 1968 to 74.
His name is now attached to the familiar student hub building at University and Union Streets.
His widow also has deep roots at Queen’s – a place she once called the “Harvard of Canada” – and is the oldest member of the campus Women’s Association.

Mary Deutsch/Daughter

“She’s done so remarkably well.     She lives on her own, in her own house with a little bit of help but not a lot of help — no, she’s quite remarkable really — she doesn’t really take much of anything, in terms of pills or anything — it’s really quite extraordinary.”


“And she’s been loved by faculty and students ever since they were there in the 70’s.”

Stephanie’s entire family, as well as 100 of her closest friends, were able to attend the birthday celebration.     Three of her great-grandchildren provided the entertainment for the day, dancing up a storm for their great grandmother.

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Not only was this is birthday celebration — but it’ll also help others at the university through the Queen’s Women’s Association.


“Some of the money that Q.W.A. raises goes into bursaries — and everybody that ate here today five dollars is going into the Stephanie Deutsch Queen’s bursary and that helps students that are needy.”

Mike Postovit, CKWS News, Kingston.


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