Vees fire Taurean White

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Despite there solid record…and with the play-offs just around the corner….the Kingston Voyageur’s have fired there head coach….

He “was” a familiar face — but that’s all changed for Taurean White.

Peter Goulet/Vees General Manager

“Time for a change — I guess that’s the best answer — just different philosophy — time to make a change — go in another direction…
there’s different ways to look at success with a hockey team — winning is the number one thing — there’s no question, but there’s a lot of different ways to have success for a hockey team
with-in the community — doing stuff…
there’s no right or wrong answer here on this question — it’s just time to make a change — difference in philosophy and that’s hockey–that’s the way it goes.”

With White’s exit comes a new face behind the bench — in fact — a couple of new faces will now “help” guide the fortunes of the hockey club.


“We’re bringing in a young fellow in Patrick Shearer to finish the rest of the year — him and Mark Major will be associate coaches together and were going to bring Rob Ridgley on the bench to finish the rest of the year..Rob’s our head scout–he’s been on the ice for some practises and he’ll finish the year on the bench for us.”

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