A few Hip ornaments remain for sale

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Even though they were hard to come by at Christmas…  Downtown Kingston says there are still some of the holiday season’s hottest ornaments available for purchase.

The pewter ornament is still available for purchase at the tourism office on Ontario Street.

It depicts the tragically hip’s commemorative stone that will eventually be placed in market square to mark the band’s concert last august.

Downtown Kingston says once the remaining ornaments are sold – they won’t be ordering any more.

Alex Amodeo: “You don’t want to order too many, because it doesn’t make it special anymore. There have been years where we’ve had to order a few more, but none to the extent that we’ve had to do with this. Though I will say we haven’t ordered so many that this won’t sort of be a highly sought after or rare item.”

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