Sentence handed down to Trenton man convicted in the stabbing death of his estranged girlfriend

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A Trenton man convicted in the stabbing death of his estranged girlfriend is heading to a federal prison.  Ronald Shorey was handed a 13 year sentence today — for the 2012 killing of Cindy Sullivan. But as Morganne Campbell reports, Shorey will serve only about half of that sentence.

Emotional victim impact statements were read allowed in court as family and friends gathered to support Cindy Sullivan. A mother of two who was murdered by her former boyfriend in August of 2012. Eleven victim impact statements were delivered to the judge, only a handful were read allowed to the court.

Friends described Sullivan as “a butterfly, light to the touch and delicate.”

They also spoke of her kind and trusting heart. “If kindness were a paycheck she would’ve been rich.”

Sullivan’s lifeless body was discovered in the bedroom of her estranged boyfriend’s apartment on Adrian Court in Trenton. She had been beaten and stabbed in the neck and chest with a kitchen knife. Ronald Shorey was found guilty of manslaughter last month … even though the Crown pressed for the more serious conviction of second degree murder.  But the Crown did get within its suggested sentence which was 12 to 14 years  The judge landed right in the middle and handed Shorey a 13 year prison term for the gruesome crime.

Morganne Campbell:
“He will only serve about 6 and a half years that’s because the judge decided to credit him for time already served since his arrest in August of 2012.”

He was credited one and a half days per day of pretrial custody.  The judge cited alcoholism and a brain injury as contributing factors to the senseless murder and believed Shorey showed significant remorse in pleading guilty. Justice Robert Scott thanked the victim’s family and Shorey’s family for enduring the length of the trial, which had significant delays and scheduling complications.
Telling those sitting in the gallery,  “Go back to your life and get it back to as normal as you can.”
Shorey was also issued a lifetime weapons ban and had to submit a DNA sample for the national DNA bank.

Morganne Campbell CKWS News Kingston.

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