Family of 3 in Verona left homeless after vicious fire on NYE

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

VERONA – “This here was the living room. Apparently the fire started on the other side of the couch.”

Todd Drader says it was a terrifying experience that unfolded at his trailer on Bellrock Road in Verona.

He awoke to the fire alarm at around 2 AM on New Years Eve.

Todd Drader/Fire Victim:

“I nudged the wife, opened my door and it was nothing but smoke everywhere. We ran down the hall and got my son out of bed and out the door we went.”

But then Drader did the unthinkable and ran back inside the burning home… just time enough to grab shoes for himself and his family.

Todd Drader:

“We didn’t have jackets. We were all in our pajamas.”

Drader’s wife ran to their next door neighbour to call 911.

Ron Bruyns/Neighbour:

“We took them in. We gave them coats. We warmed them up. Todd didn’t want to come in. He stood out here the whole time. He was crying the whole time. He was devastated because they were fixing the place up to sell in the spring.”

Todd Drader:

“All of the hard work gone. Everything’s gone. My wife and I are at the age where we still have photo albums and all the memories are gone.”

Drader’s insurance company says the fire was sparked by an electrical problem, involving an extension cord.

Heather Senoran:

“As you can see by all of the charred remains, the fire practically engulfed the entire trailer. South Frontenac fire says the damage is estimated to be around around 75 thousand dollars.”

It took about 2 dozen fire fighters from 3 stations to douse the flames.

The couple and their 17 year old son are currently staying at Drader’s sisters place until they can figure out the next steps.

His brother and sister also set up a GoFundMe page in hopes that the community can help the Drader’s get back on their feet.

Even though the family lost everything, they are thankful no one was injured.

Todd Drader:

“I can’t stress a fire detector enough. It literally saved our lives.”


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