Kingston Mayor delivers “State of the City” address to Rotarians

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Kingston’s mayor delivered an optimistic message about the year ahead.     Bryan Paterson talked about some of the city’s priorities and goals in his annual “State of the City” address to Rotarians.
He talked about strides made to bring new jobs to Kingston.     And as Mike Postovit reports, the mayor’s message was well received.


It’s an upbeat mayor that spoke to the noon hour luncheon.     Bryan Paterson’s annual State of the City address dealt with numerous topics including the 3rd crossing, Kingston Penitentiary — as well as how property in the Limestone City is becoming a very hot commodity.

Bryan Paterson/Kingston Mayor

“We are selling our industrial land like crazy — there is so much interest in investing here in Kingston — in fact, it’s creating a good problem for me.     We’re actually already having to look at where we can expand and find more industrial land — if we don’t do that, we’re going to run out.”

Some of that industrial land now belongs to a Chinese company that makes infant formula.
The quarter of a billion dollar investment will bring with it hundreds of jobs.


“When you start to think about the supply chain that will be needed to feed into their operation — our estimates are that it will also create an additional one thousand to 12-hundred jobs in the community.”

As for his audience — those in the crowd — seemed to feel as up-beat about the future as the mayor himself.


“Very impressed with the businesses moving into Kingston and that is something that is going to bring jobs and opportunity for many, many years and that is just the starting point for more to come.”


“It shows to the world that the city is moving forward — it’s innovating, it’s creating things, it’s exciting, it’s a place where things are happening.     It shows to the investment community out there internationally that the city of Kingston is a place, — we’re investing in ourselves, so we’re letting them know, we’re investing in ourselves, come invest here with us.”


“The commercial development that’s going on — and in particular the Chinese company coming to Kingston with the prospect of others following suit — I thought that that was the best thing that I could hear.     We need commercial development in this city in order to get the tax base improved — big taxes come from big industry.”

Next up for Paterson a trip to China next week to meet with officials from the infant formula maker, as ground breaking at the Kingston plant gets ever closer.     Mike Postovit CKWS News, Kingsto

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