CKWS UPDATE: Kingston woman receives new motorized chair fully paid for by insurance

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

You may remember a story we first brought you in December –about a Kingston woman who said her mobility was being under-valued by her insurance company. Cheryl Tedford, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, uses a motorized chair to get around. But after being struck by a vehicle, her insurance company refused to give the full replacement value.  As Heather Senoran reports, it wasn’t until we aired the story that her insurance changed its mind … And today her new chair arrived.

“Frustrated angry hurt.”
Since Cheryl Tedford’s motorized chair was struck by a vehicle on a Kingston street in November she’s been through a roller coaster of emotions… her damaged chair left her practically homebound.
Adding to her woes, insurance wouldn’t pay the full price to replace it.
Heather Senoran:
“Tedford’s insurance company, Intact, originally told her they would only be willing to provide her with the current value of her old chair… meaning she would have to come up with close to 10 grand out of her own pocket to get a new one.”
That was until CKWS first aired Tedford’s story back in December.
It triggered offers of help from the community… and a change of heart for the insurance company that handled the accident claim.
They agreed to cover the full replacement value for a new motorized chair… worth 20-thousand dollars.
Today, Tedford was smiling ear to ear when the new wheels arrived.
Cheryl Tedford:
“Now I’ve got her and I don’t have to worry. I’m in heaven.”
After months of suffering, Tedford says she’s thrilled to have her full mobility restored and she’s even named the chair — to solidify the bond.
Tedford says it’s an upgraded version of her old chair, which will now be donated to the volunteer organization the Kingston Odd Fellows that offers things like refurbished wheelchairs to those in need.
“Because it’s a very important service. Because without them… a lot of people would go without. They’ve been there for me a couple of times now they’ve loaned me equipment and it’s been fantastic.”
The Odd Fellows offered to give her a motorised chair but Tedford politely declined when the insurance company stepped up — a happy ending all around.
Richard Mears/Odd Fellows:
“Now she’s not stuck in this building. She can get around. She can do whatever she wants at her own pace.”
“This is definitely beautiful!”
After taking it for a few test rides, Tedford says she couldn’t be happier.
Even Sweetpea – her dog – approves.
Tedford looks forward to going out again with her family.
“So now I can go into the coffee shop, we can sit, and I can do the recline and tilt.”
Just some final instructions and a few things to sign before the chair is hers.
“Now I got what I need!”
“I’m so happy for you mom.”

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