Local coach helps Syrian boys play soccer

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

“When we score, we are going to do that”

Kosay, Ouday, and Rah are Syrian Refugees… They moved here with their families not too long ago and thanks to help from the community, they play house league soccer with the Kingston Clippers. But, from watching them play, you can see they have the skills to play at a higher level.

Kosay, Ouday, & Rah:
“Soccer is our favourite sport”

And who’s their favourite coach?

Kosay, Ouday, & Rah::

About a month ago, their coach Robby Breadner, began working to get these kids onto a competitive team.

Robby Breadner/ Coach, Kingston Clippers:
” They love soccer, and you can tell. Anything I can do to help make that a positive experience.. makes me happy.”

Once Breadner received confirmation that they had the skills and spots to add these boys to the competitive teams, his next step was to find the money.

Robby Breadner:
“I was trying to figure out how we could do that… and then I thought I would try a GoFundMe.”

Since launching, they have raised nearly 2000 dollars on the page, with private donations as well. Even GoFundMe themselves kicked in 1000.

Robby Breadner:
“Until today, they didn’t even know I was doing this. I just, I don’t want kids to worry about the money. They are keen, they’re committed, they want to do it. So, I just wanted to be able to say to them, we’ve got it covered.

Callie Warren:
Thanks to the donations given by the Clippers, as well as parents, community members and GoFundMe… to the campaign that Robby started…Those little guys are now covered. But, Robby says he’s not done until he helps more children join the game.

Robby Breadner:
“If I can get names of otherkids, boys, girls, Syrian kids, who would interested in playing this summer — and we can expand the campaign. That would be a great idea. Let’s get as many kids on the field as possible.”

Kosay, Ouday, & Rah:
“We love soccer!”

Callie Warren, CKWS News, Kingston

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