Kingston Ice Wolves Tournament

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Girls hockey continues to grow—and that was certainly evident this past weekend in Kingston and Napanee…

Girls Pre-Game Cheer!!

Marc Hickling/

This is our 15th year with the Kingston Ice Wolves Cup..were one of the largest tournaments in Ontario–Canada and the world..we have 85 teams this year–that’s about the same for the last few years ..its a very exciting tournament –it goes from Novice to Midget with teams in all the divisions –its a House League tournament but there’s some great action.”

Hickling says there’s no question about it—the girls have just as much fun as the boys…..perhaps even more….


“Its great to see–I’ve been involved in girls hockey for 6-years and I’ve seen the teams get stronger and better and more and more girls coming out at all the levels–its great to see… I think girls go out and give it just as much as the boys and they have a lot of fun out there for sure..I think sometimes they have more fun than the boys–sometimes the conversation on the bench aren’t always totally about hockey but they go out and play when they have to and they love being at the rink too.”

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