2017’s first snow day called for late-afternoon storm

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Outdoor rinks like this one at Skeleton Park don’t usually see many skate blades on a weekday afternoon – so what are these three doing here instead of sitting in a classroom?

Griffin Santyr: “I just looked on snapchat and I just saw all my friends posting that it was a snow day. I was like really surprised because I looked outside and it didn’t seem to be any snow.”

That’s because local school boards and Triboard Transportation Services decided very early this morning to cancel school buses because of the threat of a storm later in the day.

Gord Taylor/CEO, Triboard: “In 30 years, we’ve done this three times. Where we’ve based our call solely on forecasts, because the real weather wasn’t on the ground at the time the decision was made.”

Triboard CEO Gord Taylor says his office received two complaints from parents, but knows the right decision was made.

Gord Taylor/CEO, Triboard: “It would have been irresponsible for us to put 30 thousand bused students on bad roads during a significant winter storm event.”

High winds, and the threat of snow changing to rain later in the day were the two main reasons for pulling the buses from the road.

But all things considered, Kingstonians are pleased with the winter – or lack thereof – we’ve had so far.

Emily Dean: “It’s actually a bit later, I was expecting a few more before this. Hasn’t been so bad although the snow could stop any time.”

Back at the rink – these kids are soaking up each minute of the unexpected free time.

Finn Ferrall: “I’ve been catching up on some work – definitely need to get that done. And just been chilling with my friends.”

Because with snow storms few and far between this winter – they don’t want to waste a single snow day.

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