St. Lawrence college unveils new clinical simulation lab

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

St. Lawrence college unveiled it’s new state of the art clinical simulation lab today.
The lab is the first facility to be completed as part of the colleges multi-million dollar “hello future project”.
Darryn Davis has reaction from students about what difference this lab will make in their education….

This mannequin speaks and interacts with these students as they go through the process of working through a simulated scenario.
This new clinical simulation lab is the first of a number of improvements taking place at St. Lawrence college under the umbrella of the hello future project.
“The largest project in the history of our college will feature a new double gym, a new student space, innovation centre a centre of excellence for our behaviourial science programs. ”
The one million dollar lab will primarily be used by bachelor of science and nursing students and practical nursing students.
“Our med lab science students, some of our fitness and health promotion students our pre-health students that get access to this lab as well on a more limited basis.”
This is the room behind the mirrors where technicians run the students through a range of scenario’s.
The students can perform a wide range of diagnostic procedures on the mannequins like taking blood pressure.
“Students say these labs complete with these mannequins provide a bridge from the academic learning in the classroom to their practical placements in long term care facilities and hospitals. ”
“If it wasn’t for these we would literally be walking in there blind we wouldn’t know what we were doing and this is such great practice…because they don’t necessarily give you the easy ones.”
“It gets you to think on your toes, they could throw virtually any kind of situation at you, any kind of patient so it really gets you ready for the type of thing you’d end up dealing with in the health care field.”
The overall hello future project is expected to be complete by the spring of 2018 modernizing the Kingston campus to better prepare the colleges over 6000 full time students for the work force.
Darryn Davis CKWS News Kingston.

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