Belleville Police welcomes new leadership

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

With a new year, comes new leadership, for the Belleville Police Service.
A change of command ceremony was held to officially welcome Chief Ronald Gignac and Deputy Chief Michael Callaghan.
Gignac moving up from Deputy Chief and Callaghan, a 30 year veteran of the Ottawa Police, was hired last year to fill the role of Deputy Chief.

Ronald Gignac/ Chief of Police, Belleville Police Service:
“We received so much support from our officers and staff in leading up to the transition, during the transition, and today — as you could well witness… That is was smooth, it was so exciting for us, and we’re just looking forward to tomorrow”
Ron Gignac:
“We really appreciate and we’re honoured by the people who were here today. The courtroom was full and I’m just so thankful for the dedicated men and women that serve with the Belleville Police… I’m so proud of them.”

Michael Callaghan/ Deputy Chief, Belleville Police Service:
“This is an incredibly emotional day… And I can tell you when my two sons presented me with my badge, it was pretty hard to swallow.

Callie Warren:
Moving forward, Chief Gignac and Deputy Chief Callaghan say they are very excited to take over and work as partners with the community.

Ron Gignac:
“To have an opportunity like this, to serve as your Chief… I’m honoured and I’m looking forward to the years ahead. That we can move mountains if we partner and do things together.”

Mike Callaghan:
“A big part of that is the public trust and the public support to ensure that this is a safe community for people to grow and raise their children… and live.”
Callie Warren, CKWS News, Belleville

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