Honouring those that helped save a Life

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

A handful of unsung heroes got some more recognition today.     6 members of the correctional service received awards for being “LifeSavers”.     Here’s Mike Postovit.


The W.J. Henderson Recreation Centre in Amherstview.     It was here where a pick-up hockey game “could” have turned tragic — but thanks to this group — it didn’t — and now — just call them
“lifesavers” — literally.     This group of correctional workers saved the life of John Leblanc and now they’re getting recognized for it.

John Leblanc/Survivor

“There’s no reward big enough to give them, as far as I’m concerned.”

He suffered a heart attack while playing pick-up hockey here last March.     He was revived by an off duty correctional service nurse and five teammates who were trained in C.P.R.     They then used a portable defibrillator at the rink to help save the 66 year old.


“My surgeon told me — to have one of these guys would have been lucky — but I had six that worked on me and he said you couldn’t have -done much better – if you had taken your heart attack here in the hospital.”

Greg Stewart/”LifeSaver”

“We’ve all been trained through Red Cross through Corrections Canada — work — what to do and how to how it — and make sure that it’s done successfully.”

Stewart says just like the game they were playing — saving Leblanc’s life was very much a team effort.


“Without everyone taking a role in this — this would not have come to the same outcome.
Right from someone phoning, someone moving equipment to someone getting the A.E.D. from someone doing stress compressions until someone else can take over because it is tiring — we were a complete team.”

A team and a success story that will now be used as a Canada-wide example.

Tracey Braun/Canadian Red Cross

“We have arenas all across the country with pick-up hockey games happening — and we want our instructors to be able to share a story and say hey — some guys took a first aid class and they saved somebody.

And the ending to this story — John Leblanc is back to playing hockey again.     Mike Postovit, CKWS News, Amherstview.

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