New technology at KGH will improve treatment of patients with cardiac conditions

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

KINGSTON – Kingston General Hospital is now using a revolutionary new technology to improve the treatment of patients with complex cardiac conditions. It’s known as the St. Jude Medical Ensite Precision Cardiac Mapping System. It supports patients who need surgery to help restore a regular heart rhythm. The technology — the first of its kind to be used in any North American hospital — provides detailed maps of the heart, allowing doctors to diagnose easier. The state of the art system also helps guide physicians inside the heart during operation. Cardiologists at KGH say it can locate and treat within millimetre precision where the heart rhythm disturbance is — leading to a quicker and more targeted procedure.

Dr. Ben Glover/Cardiologist at KGH:
“I’ve actually found that the most astounding thing is that the map which is actually the structure that we record from within the heart is very very good and very accurate. Which makes a big difference from the procedures before, which were still good and state of the art… this just gives us even more data to work with.”

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