PM comes to Kingston some protest

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Hundreds of people lined up outside city hall to attend Prime Minister Trudeau’s town hall this afternoon.
But not everyone got in.
While others staged a protest to raise their own issues “outside” the town hall.
Darryn Davis spoke to people on the outside …. to find out their concerns with the liberal government.

There was almost an air of excitement among the hundreds of people standing in line hoping to get into the Prime Minister’s town hall… a line that stretched 2 blocks.
“Not specifics just interested in the overall…overall. ”
“I was really interested to see where the liberals would take us. When I voted for it I was over in Kuwait overseas…it looks like it’s going good.”
But not everyone feels that way.
A few small groups of protestors were on hand.
Indigenous rights activist Beth Newell aims to raise the issues of colonization with the people standing in line … not the Prime Minister.
“We want to de-colonize on this land that is not something that any leader of any colonial state is ever going to do, the only way that is going to happen is if the people come together and do that.”
“And while not everybody went as far as protesting, a number of people waiting in line still had difficult questions and issues they’re hoping the Prime Minister will address.”
“When the wheels fell off it really put into doubt all the consultation that the government has been doing climate change, first peoples issues.”
“We’re anxious to return those cows to the prison farm but you know more importantly we see it as a return to positive corrections programs.”
The liberals also faced criticism for taking names, emails and other personal information from those who registered for the town hall.
Critics say the liberals are trying to expand their database for the next election.
“You didn’t need to pre register in order to come we were just doing that trying to get a grasp on how many people were interested so that we could make sure that we had the right facility, the right amenities in place to accommodate everybody. ”
But some of those who did register walked away frustrated.. because they couldn’t get in.
“This mistake is local and I would like to know who did it and I would like all of us to get an opportunity to meet with Justin Trudeau and to give him what he came here for, you know he’s here to listen to us. ”
The PM’s town hall trek will take him to similar venues across canada over the next 3 weeks.
Darryn Davis CKWS News Kingston.


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