Queen’s climate change expert has work featured in Southampton University study

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

A noted expert in climate change at Queen’s university had some of his arctic research featured in a university of Southampton study.
Dr. John Smol has found through his work that lake ice in the arctic is forming later … and melting earlier.
He says some small arctic lakes have even disappeared due to evaporation.
The arctic is seen as the canary in the coal mine …. and can be an indicator of climate change effects that Canadians will experience.
Smol says we’re already seeing lower water levels in the great lakes …. and some fish species may be at risk.

“Wetlands drying up is another one. Wetlands often clean water, they’re what we call the kidneys of the planet, they’re drying up they’re losing their capacity to clean water coming into lakes and also quite simply, there’s a lot of pollutants that are in the water. If you have less water even though you might not add more pollutants they’re more concentrated.”

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