Verdict delivered involving rape and confinement of woman on Wolfe Island

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

KINGSTON – Just a few minutes after the guilty verdict is read aloud in court, Michael Ross Burnett is whisked away from the Frontenac County Courthouse.

The 40 year old found guilty of sexual assault and forcible confinement, charges stemming from an incident that occurred in December 2015.
The victim, whose name is protected by a publication ban, testified earlier this week. The 35 year old victim says she first met the accused at Ryandale Shelter.
The next day the pair grabbed a bottle of vodka from the LCBO and boarded the ferry to Wolfe Island, on foot.
Her plan was to return to the shelter that evening, to get a bus ticket purchased by her mother, to get back home to Smiths Falls.
But that never happened.
Instead she endured a two day nightmare, forced to give oral sex to her attacker before being dragged to an abandoned shed, where she was raped and viciously beaten.
Judge Wolfram Tausenfreund:
“She had a fracture of her left ocular, bruising and swelling to her left cheek and eye.”
Heather Senoran:
“On the second and final night the victim was held captive, the victim says the accused claimed he was going to get help… he never returned. She looked around the shed and found an old mattress. She ripped it open and used the stuffing to stay warm. The judge mentioned the ripped mattress as it was seen in photographic evidence.”
The victim escaped on December 11th.
A witness testified during the trial that the victim ran toward the Wolfe Island ferry queue that morning, falling on her car and asking for help.
Judge Wolfram Tausenfreund:
“I find that based on the shelter records, LCBO images, ferry video, observation of witnesses, her satchel in the shed and the ripped mattress… all confirmation of her evidence.
I am not hesitant to accept her evidence in its entirety… with no chance or motive of fabrication or exaggeration.”
DNA evidence also pointed to the accused…found in the victim’s underwear, and on her sweater.
The judge called “The mathematical likelihood of it being anyone else other than the accused — fantastical.”
While the accused pleaded not guilty, he chose not to testify.
As the verdict was read he sat quietly… barely moving at all, only looking straight ahead at the judge.
“Burnett will be remanded in custody until his sentencing on March 7th. Heather Senoran CKWS News, Kingston”.

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