Friday the 13th bad luck?

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There doesn’t seem to be an exact record of when Friday the 13th became associated with bad luck.
Some sources tie it back to the last supper.
Others date it to the middle ages… or to the death of an Italian composer on Friday the 13th in 1868.
Darryn Davis hit the streets today — to find out if people still view the day with dread..

Another busy Friday for most people — but this Friday also falls on the thirteenth.
A day associated with bad luck …. or is it ???
“No it really doesn’t affect the way I live my life. ”
“Friday the thirteenth is just Friday. It’s like any other friday nothing bad is going to happen.”
While others even go so far as to call it a good day.
” Thirteen’s my lucky number and this morning i woke up and had a good feeling about the day.”
But for others — the thirteenth curse feels very real.
“Well I actually twisted out my back today so i’m going to say it’s pretty unlucky.” To get some insight on this day of bad luck and superstition we consulted with a Kingston psychic.
Marilyn Shannon says the negative associations with the thirteenth are tied to christianity.
“They felt that twelve was the number there are twelve months in a year. there were twelve disciples, the thirteenth disciple was judas so their was the element of a traitor. ”
But Shannon says the number 13 in the days of the pagans had a much more positive association.
“There were thirteen full moons they were going to celebrate. It’s interesting that Friday’s became a bad day, where now we love Fridays because Friday’s the start of the weekend ”
“And with Marilyn on hand I couldn’t help but want to have her tell me what king of a day I’m going to have on this Friday the thirteenth, she’s gotten me to draw three tarot cards and what the day is going to be like.”
“I’m just laughing a little bit because here’s the fool card for you.”
Some would say fitting but my second and third cards held more promise for this Friday the thirteenth.
“The hermit’s carrying a light and this is taking knowledge to people. So I think you’re going to have a great day of taking knowledge to people learning some new things and I wonder if it’s not payday because it’s three of pentacle and often that’s a payday card.”
Yes it is a pay day Marilyn… and every pay day is a good day.
Darryn Davis CKWS News Kingston.

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