Ice rescue team practices at Doug Fluhrer Park

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

KINGSTON – You may have noticed a lot of commotion along Kingston’s inner harbour today. Fire fighters assembled in Doug Fluhrer Park, and out in the water. Don’t be alarmed. It was a training exercise. Every year, the local rescue team does practice drills like this. They take turns taking a dip in the frigid water with protective suits … And then wait to be saved by the other fire fighters. The team says when it comes to real life ice rescues –tragedy can strike quickly, so it’s important to be thoroughly prepared.

Tom Neers/Kingston Fire & Rescue:
“We practice the skills we need to inflate the boat, to go out onto the ice and perform the rescue. We may have to swim out to the victim. We may have to paddle out to the victim. Sometimes we may have to throw rope to the victim, to have them help save themselves.”

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